Do you find your company staff buried in a mountain of spreadsheets and investing an excessive amount of resources to maintain the highly manual process? How many processes such as orders, TEM, quotes, leads, commission inquiries do you have internally that you track on an excel spreadsheet? The answer is: too many

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RPM Telco Process vs. Spreadsheets

When working in multiple spreadsheets, information is usually scattered across multiple files and folders. For example a large spreadsheet with all your current orders and a different one for quotes and another for inventory. There is no easy way to get a complete overview of the orders in progress and/or the status of the orders or quotes that turned into orders. On top of that using spreadsheets is cumbersome and mistakes are easily made, a typo can cause formula's not to calculate or accidentally pasting data in the incorrect column or row can result in your data to be incorrect. 

Using an order process in RPM Telco will allow you to:

  1. Easily see the statuses of all your orders and the related MRC in a widget on your dashboard. 
  2. Get automatic reminders prior to the contract renewal date.
  3. Get email notification when the order is modified by someone else. 
  4. Integrate your email correspondence. 
  5. Reconcile your order with a commission item, making sure you got paid on the order.
  6. Attach files or shareable links. 

Reconcile Information and Emails Showing Right on the Order Page

Custom Process

Let us help you create a custom process that will allow you to get notified, use statuses, attach files, track your emails and much more. With our knowledge of the software combined with your knowledge of your business, together we can brainstorm and determine how you can utilize and fully gain understanding of the process management power of RPM Telco. 

Our goal is to make sure you take full advantage of all the features that are available. 

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Consulting & Training fees: $150 p/h

Example Processes

Connect processes

Process flow:

  • Flows data from one process into the other to avoid double entry. 
  • Allow you to easily navigate between different processes.
  • Keeps data organized. 

Professional Services

This process can be used for/to:

  • When you or your staff audits the telecom package of a company, onsite support, phone support or any other cost item. 
  • Track time and labor cost. 
  • Invoice the customer.

Custom layout

Create your own custom invoice for services rendered. The invoice can be turned into a PDF or printed and branded with your logo.