Register opportunities in the Partner Portal and receive 5% of the monthly recurring revenue (MRR) on those that result in closed contracts. Also, for Sales and Application Partners, register an opportunity and request sales assistance/advice if required.

How to Register an Opportunity

Logon to the Partner Portal from any of the following URLs:,, or and enter your username and password.

If you have problems with your logon credentials use the Forgot username? and Forgot password?. If you still have issues, contact partner support using your respective partner support email address (,,

The first step in registering an opportunity is to enter a contact. Click the Start a Contact button.

After entering a contact, you can register an opportunity by clicking the Start a Opportunity button from the top of the contact form. 

You can also enter an opportunity from the Dashboard if the contact already exists. 

We've made the opportunity form bullet proof. All the fields we want you to complete are required, so you won't be able to submit the form without filling them out.0

Of particular importance is the Assignment fieldYou need to indicate what your intentions are for the opportunity. If you, our partner, are working the opportunity, choose Partner Working Opportunity, then your partner reference in the Partner Assigned field, and the Partner Rep Assigned to Opportunity

After you submit an opportunity, we'll check to make sure it is not already registered. If the opportunity is not already registered, we will accept the opportunity and we’ll look forward to hearing from you with a signed contract. If the opportunity is already registered, we will reject and offer our sympathies or maybe work together on it.

If you are submitting an opportunity for our sales reps to work, choose Partner Assigns Opportunity to RPM and we’ll either accept or reject the opportunity. Typically we’ll only reject an opportunity if it has already been registered or we can’t contact the opportunity with the information you've provided. You do not need to choose an option in the Partner Assigned field if you are assigning an opportunity for us to work. We'll assign this. 

Also important to highlight are the Marketing fields. We want to know where our opportunities are coming from. For example, if a Lighthouse partner submits an opportunity for us to work, choose Lighthouse Partner from the Opportunity Source field.

And, really important for our partners, are the Partner Providing Opportunity and Partner Rep Providing Opportunity fields. If you are providing us an opportunity these are the fields that we will use to attribute referral commission or opportunity registration commission.

CEM Consent is required to be completed as well. Be sure that you are familiar with this and enter in consent details. 


  • Opportunity registration is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • An opportunity, if registered, will remain valid for 120 days but may be renewed if it is actively being pursued. Our average time to close an opportunity is currently 111 days. We want to make sure that opportunities are being actively worked and do not become stale. If you are a Sales or Application Partner, you are required to provide enough information in the Contact Log table to indicate the opportunity is being actively worked. If it is not, we'll contact you to see if you want us to pursue the opportunity for you. 

Opportunities From Us

As a Sales or Application Partner, you'll receive qualified opportunities from us that are prioritized by your partner level, area, or expertise.

You will be notified of these opportunities from the Partner Portal by email and via your Dashboard.


When you receive an opportunity, you must initiate contact within 2 working days. Do this by checking off the action on the opportunity form, changing the status level to Active, entering a date in the Contact Initiated On, and data into a row in the Contact Log tableIf you don't check off your action or initiate contact within 2 working days of receiving an opportunity, we may assign it to another partner. 


  • Opportunity approval/rejection will typically be assessed within 24 – 48 hours. If you don’t hear from us within this time frame, contact us. 
  • Once an opportunity is registered and approved, assistance may be accessed for sales support and product expertise. If you require assistance, send us an action from the opportunity form with your request.  
  • On the flip side, we may require the expertise of one of our knowledgeable Partners and may bring a potential opportunity to a Partner to work together. 
  • We can provide advice and counsel regarding user and implementation fees based on its experience, but all pricing discussions, quotes, and other pricing related material should be delivered to the potential Subscriber by the partner.
  • We pay commission directly to the Partner when payment is RECEIVED from a Subscriber. If your Subscriber is not paying their invoice, we'll contact them and you to find out why.

Our Outs

  • We reserve the right to change/cancel any pricing list issued. Don't worry, we'll notify you and give you time to adjust. 
  • We reserve the right to alter, delete, or modify the program at any time, at our sole discretion. This will not affect an opportunity already registered and still in progress.